Friday, May 9, 2008

About that Eagle's head belt buckle...

I can't let this go and I will eventually revert the deleted post on British Memorabilia-gate because Cult TV has not informed me of what other jared martin show the supposed "Varian's belt buckle" could possibly be from. If it indeed it was given by jared martin as belonging to another of his shows, Cult TV would have had to name it for the auction, and they would know that. You don't auction off a belt buckle as "this item was worn by jared martin in some other show he was on". The photos CD I was sent by Cult TV is my proof that my post is NOT libel, FYI M***.

To the best of my knowledge, with the information provided to me by Cult TV, [meaning the caption on the 2 photos depicting "Varian's belt buckle"] that belt buckle was passed off at Cult TV by jared martin as being from "The Fantastic Journey". Hence no libel here. Due the trail of lies left by this actor in his many emails to me, I have no reason to believe it was an "innocent mistake" as **** from Cult TV claims. If it was, then please inform me of what other show it belonged to and let's see proof. And please don't tell me again it is none of my business! I believe that if a fan was ripped off, he has a right to know the truth. I know I would want to, and so would you!

Monday, May 5, 2008

On British memorabilia-gate

I received a very long polite email from Cult TV telling me that there has been a regretful error in labeling the convention photos and that in fact the "memorabilia-gate" that I posted about on Friday (May 2nd) never really did happen. I was also asked to take my blog post down.

For the time being I will comply with Cult TV's polite request. However I have my doubts here. For one thing it is interesting to me that my email to Cult TV pointing out the discrepancy on the memorabilia was never replied to. But my reason for doubting is because their email contained at least one piece of information that to the very best of my knowledge I know to be a fallacy, having an email from Cult TV of 2007 that disproves and contradicts that very fact. (And that email from Cult TV was forwarded to me by the actor here in question)

Pending more information, there is no way for me at this time to know exactly what went down in England concerning the matter that I previously posted about. By respect for Cult TV's kind request, I am suspending my blog post. Shall I find out more information in either direction, I'll make sure to post it here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Post withheld for now

Post withheld per Cult TV's request. See May 5th post.